Everyone should live in a space that reflects their personal style and one that brings comfort and serenity while also accommodating their own special needs.

A professional designer will guide you through all the challenges of interior design and remodeling and help you avoid costly mistakes. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. It’s your space and should have the wow factor that you cant wait to show off.

Helping you choose the right furniture scale, fabric style, and wall paint for your rooms is of utmost importance and will also create a flow from room to room. The designer is also going to know how to get the best value for your budget.

The designer purchases most furniture, fixtures, materials and accessories at wholesale cost. So this creates a win-win situation. With a designer in your corner, the savings you receive often offsets your design fee. Plus you avoid costly mistakes.

A team effort is definitely a plus! A designer will be able coordinate with architects and contractors to avoid issues relating to your needs. There are a lot of moving parts in even the simplest remodel. A designer will help you make sure that the lamp is in the right place for your new comfy chair.

So before you go at it alone to save money, contact us and let us explain how it all works.